Hello and Welcome!

I would like to talk about the future and our place in it.  

We are living in the most incredible time of human innovation ever.
A time over the next 20 – 30 years we are going to see a moment where we can provide every living person on the planet with their basic needs.  

We are about to see a massive  explosion of motivation like we have never seen before, innovation coming from parts of the world that we would have never considered.

From 2022 – 2025, there will be an additional 5 billion new users coming online.  New people, new minds, new innovators, problem solvers coming online in the next decade with access to world wide information.

Literacy 12% – 88% over 100 years
Transportation 100 x cheaper
Communications 100,000 x cheaper
Knowledge millions-fold cheaper

We are transforming the Human Race…
How we raise our kids
How we govern ourselves
How we connect human-to-human
Employment, commerce, entertainment
Becoming a multi-planetary species

It’s happening in our lifetime, it is happening in the next 20 – 30 years.

So let’s think about what this means for our business.  These people will need to learn things and purchase information to do so.

They will need to learn all kinds of things about how to earn money, network marketing, personal branding, health/wellness, foundational biz principles, self interest, system setup, real estate, investing, motivation, economics and mindset to mention a few.  

They will be buying things from you or your company.  

I think it is a perfect time to prepare for this influx of users and their needs.

To develop a strong business model that, when considered, would stand out above all others for its reputation and strength.